The Raging Bull's most outrageous progeny, the Reventon, inspired a whole slew of knock-offs and derivatives with its aircraft-inspired styling and menacing color scheme. But for most of us, the car's roughly $1.5 million price tag put it well out of reach. Now you have the opportunity not only to own one affordably, but to build it yourself. The only problem? It's a 1/10 scale radio control model.

As far as R/C models go, however, it's pretty cool. A 3 cc combustion engine and 65 remote-controlled inputs allow the four-wheel drive, two-speed radio-controlled supercar to do things even the real Reventon can't. It's also equipped with a single disc brake, four-wheel independent suspension with hydraulic shocks, and a two-channel radio.

To get your hands on your own mini-Reventon, you'll need to be able to read Italian, or at least navigate an Italian-only website. Like the regular Reventon, however, this model will be limited in quantity, so act fast if you want this Bull in your garage.

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