Porsche wants to better cater to its classic vehicle owners and has rolled out its very own vehicle security and tracking system.

The Porsche Classic Vehicle Tracking system allows owners to monitor where their car is at all times, receive alerts via an accompanying smartphone app, and even set various parameters for greater safekeeping. 

Should the worst-case scenario play out and a classic Porsche is stolen, the owner receives a smartphone alert that either the battery has been disconnected or the vehicle has moved. The owner then confirms the alert is a theft and Porsche immediately contacts the local police. Onboard GPS lets Porsche see exactly where the car is and a representative stays on the line with the owner the entire time. A restart inhibitor can prevent the thief from restarting the car should they turn it off.

Owners can also geo-fence their cars to a specific area and receive a notification if the car has driven outside of a specified location. Beware, youngsters looking for joyrides because technology can see everything these days. The function even includes an alert if the car travels over a desired speed. Should the car break the parameter, the tracking and security system pushes another notification to the owner.

Other comforts baked into the system include a car finder feature to locate an owner's classic Porsche in a crowded parking lot, and certain disabling functions. For example, if the car goes in for service, the owner can disable the security features when the batter is disconnected for a period of time or when the car is transported. Drivers can even retrace a previous route as the system tracks and remembers where the car has been.

To activate the system, owners of classic Porsches can bring their cars to a dealer that will install a control unit outfitted with GPS technology. Owners then download the app and create a password to enable the functions. A fee will be charged during installation, and a monthly fee may apply depending on the country.

The security system is currently available in numerous European countries, but there no word on if the system will come to the United States at this time. As for burglars, beware of classic Porsches.