Jay Leno slowed things down this week with a 1950 Plymouth Suburban that visited his famous garage.

The garage has played host to numerous sports cars and supercars throughout the year, and Leno said he decided to take things more casual with the station wagon, which was the first American wagon made entirely from steel. Most station wagons on sale during the time still featured some wooden construction, hence the term "woody." 

The specific Suburban on display is a two-door with a flathead six-cylinder engine displacing 217 cubic inches. The massive wagon puts out just 97 horsepower, which is good for a top speed around 75 mph. Leno thinks the wagon is most comfortable under 60 mph, however. The transmission is a 3-speed manual on the steering column.

Plymouth marketed the model toward the working man. A plumber, or maybe a construction worker who needed reliable transportation. It was no frills, and the brand even said the interior could be hosed out and washed with a sponge thanks to durable and "luxurious" plastic. This particular model also features a few options such as the decorative door protector handles, fender skirts, and sliding rear windows. No air conditioning here, so best to take advantage of all the windows.

Leno said he stumbled upon this car in a unique way. The car's owner, a Korean war veteran, passed away and his children got in contact with Leno. The comedian and car guru fell in love with the Plymouth and not only purchased the vehicle from the family but also made a donation to the Disabled American Veterans Charity in the owner's name, who was a big fan of Leno.

Now, Leno takes care of it and even gets a little nostalgic himself. He shared that he came home from the hospital in a Suburban coupe model, which his family owned until he was seven years old.