When it comes to armored cars we’ve seen everything from Rolls Royce Phantoms to stretched Bentleys, but the latest bullet-proof vehicle to hit the streets is based on the more mundane BMW X5. Labeled the ‘X5 Security Plus’, the latest model builds on the previous E70 BMW X5 Security and now complies with the requirements of bullet resistance class 6 (the previous version only rating at class 4).

This means that it can not only sustain fire from a 44 Magnum handgun but also an AK-47 machine gun, which makes the new X5 Security Plus the first mass produced vehicle to offer this level of protection.

Key elements in its construction are the heavy-duty material and ballistics-resistant steel and 22mm-thick bullet-proof safety glass all around. Other safety features include an intercom system and a camera monitoring set-up. The vehicle’s passenger cell has been designed to protect its occupants from violent crimes such as robbery, kidnapping or carjacking, and it can even sustain a blast from a small explosive.

The X5 Security is built completely in-house at BMW and is available directly through the carmaker’s dealerships. The vehicle still retains its dynamic character, with its powertrain and chassis modified in line with the increased weight.

Power comes from a 4.8L V8 developing 355hp (261kW) and peak torque of 350lb-ft (475Nm) at just 3,400rpm. With the added weight of all the reinforcements, the X5 Security Plus will accelerate from 0-100km/h in 8.2 seconds and cruise to an electronically controlled top speed of 180km/h.