We thought for sure that carmakers like Morgan and Weismann had cornered the retro-convertible market, but it now seems that they may have a strong competitor in the form of Granada’s Hurtan and the company’s handsome Grand Albaycin.

The 1950s-inspired Grand Albaycin builds on Hurtan's previous work with the older Albaycin model and is scheduled to make its debut later this week at the 2009 Top Marques Monaco. Offered with two different Renault engines, the Grand Albaycin promises to be lightweight but still crafted from fine materials. On offer will be a 1.6L petrol engine, available either as a five-speed manual or a four-speed automatic. The range topping engine will be a 2.0L unit, churning out around 180hp (135kW) and only available in five-speed manual guise. Top speed for the 2.0L model is around 130mph - not quite as potent as Morgan models may be, but still enough to have fun with.

From the outside, the intentions of the Grand Albaycin are fairly obvious - to provide classic looks with a modern, reliable running gear underneath the skin. For this, a Renault chassis underscores the car but from the materials used throughout the cabin you would be hard pressed to find anything like them in a Renault parts bin. Each car is customizable, and the handcrafting process takes around 5-6 months to finish after an order is made.

A wooden-steering wheel provides the focus for the interior, while a hardwood dashboard encompasses ivory-rimmed clocks. Leather upholstery and classic old-style gauges complete the look of the car, and despite its modern underpinnings it manages to capture the grandeur of a bygone era rather well.