• Florida truck dealership offering free AK-47 to buyers

    As outlandish as the concept sounds, giving away free weapons actually does help bring in the customers. Well, that is the case for at least one truck dealership based in Sanford, Florida. The dealership’s latest promotion is for a free AK-47 assualt rifle with every used truck purchase. According to the sales manager at the Nations Trucks dealership, Nick Ginetta, in one day they received 47 appointments when typically only three would come in. You can’t really argue with results like that. If you’re now thinking how a truck dealer can be allowed to hand out free Soviet era...

  • bmw x5 security plus 025
    BMW’s new X5 Security ‘Plus’ able to withstand an AK-47

    When it comes to armored cars we’ve seen everything from Rolls Royce Phantoms to stretched Bentleys, but the latest bullet-proof vehicle to hit the streets is based on the more mundane BMW X5. Labeled the ‘X5 Security Plus’, the latest model builds on the previous E70 BMW X5...

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