Just 15 months after production of its latest flagship supercar began, Lamborghini has reached a milestone with its Aventador. Sprayed in Argos Orange and ordered by a customer in Germany, the 1,000 Aventador built rolled off the assembly line in Sant’ Agata Bolognese today.

Perhaps the most remarkable thing about this particular Aventador was how quickly Lamborghini reached this unit volume. Its previous halo car, the Murcielago, took 29 months to reach the same production number.

The Aventador has been helped by an increase in production capacity at the Sant’ Agata Bolognese plant. Last year, Lamborghini was producing just three vehicles per day, but output today  has been increased to 4.5 vehicles per day. Aside from Bugatti, we’re pretty sure that makes them the lowest-volume member of the Volkswagen family.

Customer demand for the Aventador remains strong, too. Lamborghini's production of the carbon fiber and carbon composite supercar is booked for the next 18 months, prompting some impatient owners to buy others’ spots in queue.

As for the buyer of the 1,000th Aventador, the Bavarian architect is already a Lamborghini owner. The Aventador will share stylish garage space with the man’s Lamborghini Diablo, which we assume will now be reserved for visiting relatives and guests.