While the latest promo video for Jerry Seinfeld's upcoming show, the very literally-named Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee, is light on the cars and heavy on the coffee, it looks like it's going to be fun. And funny.

It's just the sort of car-in-a-supporting-role entertainment we can get behind. For whatever reason, we Americans, in general, don't do a great job when the cars are the central element of the show, despite the obvious and omnipresent roles they play in most of our lives. But when the cars are the underlying force, a motivating factor, or just great scenery, we excel.

That's what gives us hope for Seinfeld's upcoming show, which debuts next week, July 19, at the show's webpage and on Crackle, Sony's iTunes competitor.

Well, that, and the star-studded comedian guest list. Seinfeld not quite your style of funny? Fear not, as greats like Larry David, Ricky Gervais, and Alec Baldwin will be along for the ride, plus less familiar (but often even funnier) comedians. There's even an appearance by Michael Richards.

For more on the show, check out the show's official Facebook page.


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