In a surprise announcement, the world's largest dealer of Lamborghini cars has closed its doors. Reasons for the closure were undisclosed by ownership, but the dealer was involved in several side-ventures, which apparently did not pan out as expected, leading to the closure of its operations.

Lamborghini's representatives in the U.S. said the dealer closed as a result of its own mistakes, not due to the economy or slow sales, reports the Associated Press. The dealership, located in Orange County and proximate to the glitz and glamor of Hollywood, has serviced untold numbers of stars including Kobe Bryant and Dennis Rodman. Celebrity entertainers such as Elton John and Sharon Stone have appeared at the dealership's events. Earlier this year Eric Roberts and Luke Perry were flown in by helicopter for an event, giving the perception that all was well with the dealership.

The unexpected closure has left Lamborghini's largest market in the lurch, and the Italian company is now scrambling to pick up the pieces. Lamborghini Orange County had previously claimed to sell about 10% of the 2,400 supercars sold each year. How the closure will affect Lamborghini's bottom line, and what will be done to find alternative arrangements, remains to be seen.