We love new car configurator sites (especially on Friday afternoons in the summer), but lately the newly-launched configurator sites have been less than captivating. Aston Martin’s configurator for the Vanquish amused us for all of two minutes, thanks to its limited functionality.

The configurator for Subaru’s BRZ wasn’t any better, simply because the car isn’t available in that many combinations. Audi’s A4-based allroad configurator was a step in the right direction, but we’d rather waste our time building up sports cars, not station wagons.

Enter the new configurator site for the open-air McLaren MP4-12C Spider. Like the configurator for the 12C Coupe, it’s extensive and chock full of high quality graphics. There’s a stunning array of available exterior options, and even an impressive number of interior configurations.

No, it’s not nearly as involved as the Ferrari 458 Italia Spider configurator, which you could easily spend weeks with, building a one-of-a-kind Italian supercar. Still, the McLaren MP4-12C Spider configurator will easily consume the rest of your Friday afternoon (and, quite possibly, your Saturday morning.)

Once you’ve configured the perfect MP4-12C Spider, you can save the car, download the configuration as a PDF file or simply email it to your significant other with a note saying, “all I want for Christmas.” If that works, please let us know.