Automaker Bugatti already has a lengthy history in building some of the finest (and fastest) vehicles, aimed at buyers for whom money is not a concern. If the upcoming science fiction saga Elysium is accurate, Bugatti appears to have quite a future, too.

Set in the year 2159, Elysium tells a timeless story about the haves, who live on a luxury space station named Elysium, and the have-nots, who reside on a used-up and overcrowded planet earth. One of the movies props is a life-size Bugatti spaceship, and it’s safe to assume that the crash-landed craft draws some attention in downtown San Diego.

As GT Spirit tells us, the Bugatti of the future is parked outside of the Hard Rock Hotel, to promote Elysium at this year’s Comic-Con. Director Neill Blomkamp, who is perhaps best known for his work on the sci-fi extravaganza District 9, was on hand with stars Matt Damon and Jodie Foster to discuss the film prior to its release in March of next year.

We don’t have any details on the Bugatti space craft, so we can’t tell you how it’s powered, how fast it goes, or how much annual maintenance will cost, but it’s safe to assume that it would make the Bugatti Veyron seem downright affordable in comparison.

Could this be the oft-rumored and long-delayed Bugatti Galibier? We’ll let you know once Elysium is released.