As automakers seek new ways of expanding their businesses, we are starting to see all sorts of new products and services being offered to customers, many of which have nothing to do with cars.

We’ve seen Lamborghini launch its own fashion line, Ferrari move into the theme park business and Mercedes-Benz attempting to make men smell better.

BMW is also no stranger to the world of merchandizing, with the automaker from Munich even launching a hand sanitizer under its i label.

Now, BMW has gone a step further and opened a new BMW Brand Store on Paris’ upmarket Avenue George V.

The new store, designed by renowned architect Eric Carlson, is to be the first of many. Other planned locations include sites in the UK, the Netherlands and China. According to the automaker, opening a new retail store allows it to reach out to customers, either existing or potential, with the objective of allowing them to experience the brand in their chosen environment.

In addition to buying BMW-branded products, the new store allows customers to inspect some of the automaker’s latest vehicles in a friendlier and more easy-going environment than your regular dealership. There will be information booths as well cars, plus what BMW calls a Product Genius, a person with in-depth knowledge of BMW’s lineup of cars and new products.