The MINI Paceman Concept, first displayed at the 2011 Detroit Auto Show, came off as a bit of an oddball, even compared to its four-door Countryman inspiration, but even so, something about it piqued our interest. Now we have new spy shots of the production version, likely to be called the Countryman Coupe, and our interest is even deeper.

While the debut of the production version of the Paceman/Countryman Coupe isn't expected until the Paris Auto Show this September, with arrivals in early 2013, these images show MINI isn't far off from a finished product. The prototype also very closely resembles the leaked patent images dug up last summer.

Caught testing in southern Germany, this prototype wears a very familiar face and front end, with the same proportions and two-door body as the Paceman concept. Inside, the Countryman Coupe is expected to share its key design and detail traits with the full-size Countryman, just as the MINI Cooper Coupe shares with the standard Cooper.

The rear hatch area appears to be somewhat smaller than the standard Countryman's due to the more sloped roof, but the rear seats appear to be intact, meaning the overall layout of the Countryman Coupe will be something like the standard Cooper hatchback, but with Countryman styling, and available ALL4 all-wheel drive.

Powertrains will likely be identical as well, again following the MINI mold, with base Countryman Coupe, Countryman Coupe S, and Countryman Coupe JCW versions on offer, ranging from 120-211 horsepower or thereabouts.

Look for more details to develop as the Countryman Coupe moves closer to production over the course of this year.