Just last week we brought you pricing information on Ford’s newest turnkey racer, the Focus ST-R. Designed for competition in the Grand Am ST class or the World Challenge TC class, the Focus ST-R should also be suitable for time attack and endurance racing.

At a starting price of $98,995, the Focus ST-R isn’t inexpensive, but it is priced comparably to turnkey racers from independent manufacturers.

As anyone who has ever built a race car will tell you, it costs a lot more than you expect it will.

Eager to show off the new Focus ST-R, Ford picked Andy Vrenko to give us a walk around and demonstrate the highlights of the car. We still don’t know what kind of horsepower it produces, but with the ECU reprogrammed to accommodate higher octane racing fuel, the answer is likely “significantly more than the stock Focus ST’s 247 horsepower.”

Ford is targeting the ST-R at privateer racers who want to compete in the Grand AM ST class, and it promises to begin deliveries in late 2012. If you want to go racing in 2013, now it the time to think about placing an order with your Ford dealer.