The last time we checked in with the Jeep Wrangler, it was getting outfitted for the winter season.

Since that time, the Wrangler has traveled south on the choppy, frigid Arctic seas and has earned itself some nautical cred. Jeep unveiled two Nautic concepts this week in Paris.

If you did a double take when reading "Paris" (the Paris Motor Show will take place next fall), the explanation is that the new Wrangler concepts are so sea-oriented they were unveiled at the 2011 Paris Nautical Show.

Jeep got some help from the Style & Design design studio in building the two concepts. They are based on the four-door Wrangler Unlimited and take inspiration from two very different seagoing vessels.

The White Jeep Wrangler Nautic by Style & Design pays homage to the light, airy sailboat. The white color theme immediately reminds you of the broad, distinctive sail of the boat, while much of the concept's interior is modeled after a boat deck.

The model gets chrome on the grille, door handles and trunk hinges; 20-inch wheels; and a chrome-and-white spare tire out back. For all your summer tailgating needs, it comes with a white awning and two white folding chairs.

Inside, the White Nautic gets a Navy White leather interior, deck-inspired floor mats, and deck-finish accents throughout.

Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Nautical Concepts

Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Nautical Concepts

The Black Jeep Wrangler Nautic by Style & Design trades in sailing simplicity for a design inspired by the luxurious, motor-powered behemoths of the sea: yachts. While its inspiration is quite different, the styling and accents are much the same, only black: 20-inch wheels; chrome grille; deck-inspired trunk, floor mats and interior equipment; black leather interior; chrome-and-black spare wheel; and black awning out back, among other similar elements.

We're not sure that many sailing or yachting aficionados consider the Jeep Wrangler their go-to vehicle, but these concepts are an interesting mesh of rocky off road meets endless blue sea.