Nissan hasn’t even released the “official” shakedown testing videos of the Juke-R uber-crossover yet, but that hasn’t stopped Spain’s Autohebdo Sport from leaking a video of their time behind the wheel at Silverstone. It looks like their correspondent was making the instructor a bit nervous with his velocities on a wet racetrack, but the Juke-R never displayed anything other than absolute composure.

Perhaps the most impressive part of the video is how hard the Juke-R pulls from 50 to 100 miles per hour. We always assumed the Juke-R would be fast, we just never expected it to be this fast.

Since the Juke-R is one of two in the entire world, it’s understandable why the instructor was erring on the side of caution. Rule number one of motor journalism is, “though shalt not stack the press cars, especially if they’re irreplaceable.”

Rule number two should be “though shalt not add needless techno music to an automotive video,” but Autohebdo Sport apparently missed that memo. Consider yourself warned.