Horacio Pagani and the first customer-specced Huayra

Horacio Pagani and the first customer-specced Huayra

Controversial styling and a questionable engine choice notwithstanding, Pagani’s new Huayra supercar is an impressive piece of machinery; one made all the more so when you consider that it’s just Pagani’s second car, the first of course being the now legendary Zonda.

Revealed to the public at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show in March, Pagani has now completed the first customer-specced Huayra.

Presented above by company founder Horacio Pagani, the car is destined for a customer in Asia and features chassis number 003. The first two were a silver and red duo, the latter of course being the one Pagani recently took on a tour of the U.S.

This first customer car is also draped in silver, though if you look closely you’ll notice a unique front bumper that’s been painted partially to match the body, helping to lessen the gaping mouth look seen on the previous cars. It also has a set of wheels finished in a gold color similar to that used on the wheels of the all-out-insane Zonda R.  

Some special elements Pagani is keen to point out include titanium screws that all carry the Pagani logo, and new wheel casings (the inner hub that connects to the suspension and brakes) that are 30 percent lighter and stronger than conventional designs.

The chassis number 003 Pagani Huayra is now on track to be presented at the Top Marques Macau 2011 taking place later this week.  

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A special thanks to GT Spirit for bringing us details on Pagani’s first customer-specced Huayra.