Hidden in an office park just off the San Diego Freeway is a little-known division of Mercedes-Benz. In fact, unless you’re a true fan of vintage Mercedes automobiles, you’ve probably never heard of Mercedes-Benz Classic.

On the other hand, if you own a classic Mercedes, Mercedes-Benz Classic may be on your speed dial. The shop not only restores vintage Mercedes automobiles, it also serves as a source for parts and even sales of classic Mercedes automobiles.

One of three restoration shops owned by Mercedes-Benz worldwide (with the others being in Germany, of course), Mercedes-Benz Classic is staffed by artisans who share a passion for vintage cars. Of primary importance in any restoration is leaving no trace of their work; as one technician puts it, “for us restoration is the ability to present a car that doesn’t look restored.”

The facility looks more like a hospital operating room than it does an automotive shop, and you get the feeling that nothing less than perfection is acceptable. Neither the video not the Mercedes-Benz Classic site discuss restoration prices, but it’s a safe bet that the shop’s work doesn’t come cheap.

Still, there are plenty of places to have cars restored on a more modest budget. If you are lucky enough to own a historically significant Mercedes Benz, an accurate restoration is probably of higher importance than the final cost of the project. Perfection, after all, always has a price associated with it.