Fisker's range-extended hybrid Karma and recently unveiled Surf are undoubtedly stylish, attractive machines. But the next generation of Fisker, the Project Nina sedan, could be even more impressive.

A report from Auto Express says the Nina will be sized about the same as the BMW 5-Series yet be priced toward the 3-Series end of the market. While those are European figures, the translation may work out on our side of the Atlantic, too. If it does, that would make the Nina the Cadillac CTS of hybrids.

Why? Because the CTS does almost the exact same thing, except without all the hybrid tomfoolery: it's priced about the same as the 3-Series, but sized a lot more like the 5-Series. And it has been a huge success for Cadillac, building the brand as a sort of "reverse halo" car. The CTS-V versions are legitimate halo cars in their own right, but the design aesthetic, execution, and value of the CTS has made it a winner.

Will that balance transfer to the Nina? It's certainly possible; Fisker has proven it can design a comely car. With the added appeal of a plug-in/extended-range hybrid powerplant and all that entails, plus an eye toward luxury accommodations and a hint of performance, the Nina may be our most anticipated hybrid yet.

That is, of course, if the rumors pan out.