It's getting to be that time of year again: custom, sometimes ridiculous, sometimes awesome cars are being prepped for their appearance at SEMA. As usual, Hyundai is hitting the show hard, and the latest addition to the fold is the Hyundai Veloster PM Lifestyle concept.

The purpose is to show off the aftermarket potential for the Veloster, as the company thinks people that like to tweak their vehicles are a key audience for the car. So what is PM Lifestyle doing to the Veloster?

Adding a host of bolt-on performance mods, including a cold air intake, new exhaust, coilover suspension, nitrous kit, bigger brakes, and more. Inside, the custom Veloster will get Peanut Butter leather seats and upholstery, a custom stereo, a Panasonic Toughbook laptop, and harness belts. The exterior will get a custom paint job, lots of carbon fiber parts (hood, trunk, mirrors, diffuser), a body kit, and new HID and LED lighting.

The car will make its debut at SEMA next month before heading off on a three-year tour for the Universal Technical Institute as a demo car.