The 2012 Maserati GranTurismo MC Stradale is the lightest, most powerful Maserati on the road.

Or at least it was, before tuner Novitec Tridente got its hands all over the limited edition Maser and made it even more extreme.

Novitec Tridente straps a supercharger to the MC Stradale's 4.7-liter V-8 engine, adds a larger intake manifold and bigger fuel injectors, and remaps the engine, bumping output by nearly 200 horses up to 647 horsepower.

To ensure that the blown V-8 has all the air it needs, Novitec's hood features a prominent air scoop over the engine bay. The hood is available in a clear-coated carbon fiber.

Outside of the hood, Novitec left well enough alone in terms of the body of the MC Stradale, but it did add a set of three-piece wheels, measuring 21 inches up front and 22 in back. The tuner feels the staggered sizing adds to the wedge-like dimensions of the sports coupe. A sport exhaust system was also added.

Novitec's springs lower the ride height of the MC Stradale by 25 mm to accompany the Pirelli high-performance tires in providing cat-like handling.

All that performance tuning hits pay dirt in a 3.9-second run to 62 mph, an 11.4-second 0-to-124 mph and a 190 mph top speed. Those that want to break the 200 barrier can commission Novitec to add longer gearing, increasing top speed to 205 mph. Those figures are up from the stock numbers of 4.6 seconds to 62 mph and a 187 mph top speed.

The package will cost customers 23,900 euros (app. $32,000), but that is just the start. Novitec also offers a full bar of interior customization options.

A tune that's essentially 100 percent no-nonsense performance without a questionable body kit? Count us in.