When Mercedes-Benz unveiled the racing version of the SLS AMG, the GT3, in Oaxaca, Mexico last year, we knew a road-going Black Series variant would eventually come as well--in fact, we've been tracking it for over two years. Now it looks like the boffins at AMG have decided to loose the idea upon the world.

Speaking with High Gear Media editorial director Marty Padgett, AMG's head of vehicle development, Tobias Moers, said. "If you think about the Black Series...it's a car we must do."As with other Black Series creations, we expect to see extensive lightening, including use of more exotic materials like carbon fiber; a jump in power; more aggressive exterior styling; a unique interior; retuned suspension; and, of course, a much higher price tag. Turning the SLS AMG up to Black Series levels will be a difficult task, but the reward ought to be close to mind-blowing.

Next year we'll also see a new Style Package for the SLS AMG, which includes quilted leather seats among other upgrades, to further enhance the appearance of Mercedes' latest gullwing.

The story isn't quite as rosy for the rumored road-going version of the SLS AMG GT3, which won't be coming to the U.S. according to Moers. It's only being built in Europe for homologation purposes, so bringing it to the U.S. would be unnecessary and likely very expensive. Chances are good that if you are able to afford one in the first place, you can arrange your own gray-market import anyway, so we'll not shed many tears over the decision.

Also included in the report is talk that the SLS E-Cell might--and it's a big might--make its way Stateside eventually. It'll be priced in the stratosphere for AMG to break even or turn a profit, but there are likely to be people willing to shell out the necessary cash, especially upon hearing Moers' pronouncement that the all-electric sports car isn't far off the regular SLS AMG on track.

We'll have to wait a while for the decisions to be made and cars to be built for both the Black Series and E-Cell variants, but in the mean time, you can slake your thirst for more SLS AMG action with our latest first drive review of the SLS AMG Roadster.