There’s no shortage of rare supercars, old and new, burning to the ground in spectacular fashion all around the world.

The latest is this poor Lamborghini Gallardo that went up in flames in Bukit Damansara, Malaysia.

According to a report in local newspaper The Star, first picked up by CarNewsBreak, the owner of the Gallardo was simply warming up the engine before it burst into flames, which eventually engulfed the whole car.

The owner, having been in possession of the bright green Gallardo for the past three years, claims the culprit may have been a fuel leak but for now the exact cause remains unknown.

While the Lamborghini Gallardo’s closest rival, the Ferrari 458 Italia, has a known issue for fires and subsequently has been recalled, the recent string of Gallardo fires may be due to parts becoming defective after years of wear and tear.

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