Godzilla, R35, or simply the GT-R: Nissan's top sports/super car has earned a rabid fan base on the back of blistering performance thanks to its pack of high-tech and high-output technologies--a mixture that could well be growing even more potent for the 2013 model year.

Just how much more potent? At least 40 horsepower more, up to as much as 570 horsepower total output, according to a source at the NAGTROC forums dug up by Autoblog. Previous reports had hinted at an increase in power, but had pegged the figure at something more like 30 horsepower at most.

The power increase will surely reduce the GT-R's already mental acceleration times even further, but that's not all that's in the bag: according to the source, the suspension and transmission programming have been refined; there's better aerodynamic covering under the body; emissions are reduced; and a new Track Edition will be offered--but only in right-hand drive, and only outside the U.S.

Other details include a complete lack of visual or paint updates for the new model year, and an expectation that the R35 will carry on for just two more model years--meaning we'll likely see its successor, if it comes, sometime in 2015 as a 2016 model.

As for how fast the re-re-revamped GT-R will get around the infamous Nordschleife? Expect that question to be answered in mid-October.