Ferrari Prancing Horse logo

Ferrari Prancing Horse logo


Ferrari has created quite a stir this year.

First there was the FF, which not only features somewhat controversial shooting-brake styling, but also has Ferrari's first four-wheel-drive system. More recently, we had the 458 Spider, a dazzling convertible with an all-new retractable hard-top system. And with promises of a 599 successor and Enzo within the next year, it seems like Ferrari will be in the spotlight for quite a while.

Did you ever wonder if that Ferrari spotlight would shine just as bright without its famous, yellow-outlined prancing horse on the hood of every car? Sure, it would probably still be an elite supercar brand, but would it be as immediately recognizable? There are few automotive brand logos that are easier to identify than the Ferrari logo.

While the badge seemed logical enough--a strong, indignant horse at the helm of a brand built upon horses--the actual origin is a little more elaborate. And thanks to a recently released video, we get a full explanation of why Ferrari chose the Prancing Horse.

There wouldn't be much point in embedding the video if we were just going to tell the whole story, so we'll leave you with a simple teaser: The logo is tied into WWI and Enzo Ferrari only told the story of its origin once. Oh, and no matter what you go on to become, you never stop being mother's little boy (or girl).

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