Just as the prancing horse unleashes the all-wheel drive FF on the world, it has announced its first winter driving school in the U.S.. The program is called the 2012 Winter Driving Experience and will take place in Aspen, Colorado.

This new event is based on the Pilota On Ice program Ferrari offers in Italy. Ferrari says the new 2012 Winter Driving Experience is its most dynamic driving program yet. It's a two-day course that will first be offered in January 2012, and run through early spring.

As you might imagine, the entire program has been designed specifically around the new FF. Ferrari's goal is to highlight the versatility and functionality of its four-seat creation.

Quick reminder: the new FF utilizes Ferrari's new 4RM all-wheel drive system. Ferrari says this system gives the FF the ability to maintain sporty driving characteristics while still providing additional traction when needed.


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