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  • 2018 Subaru Winter Sporting event

    There’s no shortage of winter driving schools hosted by automakers these days. Each of these schools is the same basic concept with various twists on the details. Subaru, the brand known for all-weather capability, now offers its own. With Flatout Sweden and DirtFish Rally school, Subaru’s created the Goldilocks of winter driving events with a generous amount of seat time, ideal location, and value-packed price. Dubbed the “Subaru Winter Experience,” the Japanese automaker invited journalists to a lake near Rhinelander, Wisconsin to see what sets its winter driving...

  • 2018 Mercedes-AMG Winter Sporting event
    Mercedes-AMG's Winter Driving Academy highlights differences in brand's performance drivetrains

    Mercedes-AMGs are known for big, brutish power that loves to go sideways. But what’s power without control? To highlight the difference in how various AMG powertrains maintain—or lose—control, Mercedes-AMG offers a winter driving academy dubbed the AMG Winter Sporting event. Chief...

  • Porsche Camp4 2018
    Learning the unnatural at Porsche's Camp4 winter driving school

    Pierre Des Marais’ voice cracked over the radio as he screamed, “Yo-el! Why do I hear throttle and see brake lights multiple times?” “Turn. Brake. Accelerate,” he said loudly into the radio. In most track situations you are told to brake hard, turn, then accelerate out...

  • Porsche Camp4 Canada 2017
    Fast camp: Take me to Porsches on ice

    Drivers dread the moment they effectively "run out of talent." That sinking feeling in the bottom of your stomach when a turn goes pear-shaped and the car goes sideways isn't exactly thrilling. For some, talent runs out on the day's last lap, when tires are hot and tensions are hotter. For others...

  • Ford has tips for driving in an ice storm
    Ford has some tips for driving through an ice storm

    Oh, the weather outside may be frightful. Driving, however, can still be delightful. Since you've some place to go, here's what you should do if it snows and it snows and it snows. Well, actually, these tips are for when it's a bit more slick outside and you're facing down an ice storm. CHECK OUT...

  • Lamborghini Huracán at Winter Driving Academy
    Lamborghini Brings Winter Driving Academy To U.S.

    The growing popularity of supercars has seen a surge in the interest in performance and winter driving schools, with many automakers now offering their own programs where customers can learn how to handle high-performance cars in all conditions. Lamborghini is one such automaker, having run its...

  • Aston Martin On Ice

    Nine degrees. That’s what the display says inside the car. The air outside is cold, crisp, and very Colorado. Winter means snow, and there’s plenty of it on the ground. It’s far from the ideal place to drive any vehicle that isn’t equipped with Mattracks. Still… I’m an adventurous type, so I’m lined up at a starting gate, itching to tackle a race course built into a snowy field. I have a 565-horsepower V-12 engine ready to send power to the rear wheels. Say hello to lots of opposite lock steering… and say hello to the Aston Martin on Ice...

  • Nokian Tyres' retractable-stud winter tire concept
    Nokian Tyres Shows Winter Tire With Retractable Studs: Video

    Modern technology can make some of James Bond's gadgets from just a decade ago look distinctly old-hat. But one Q-brand trick we've not seen yet is winter tires with retractable studs, like the ones seen on Bond's Aston Martin Vanquish in the movie Die Another Day. WATCH: Meet The World's First...

  • McLaren's ice driving school in Gstaad, Switzerland - image: McLaren
    McLaren MP4-12Cs On Ice

    Gstaad, Switzerland is well known for its variety of winter sports, including downhill skiing, cross-country skiing and tobogganing. It’s climate is cold, but not too cold, and the city receives an average of around 13 inches of snow between December and February. It’s also earned a...

  • Bentley Continental Supersports sets ice speed record
    Bentley Offers Up Continental Supersports Frozen Lake Tours

    We already know the Bentley Continental Supersports is capable of reaching speeds of up to 205.48 mph--on ice--but now you no longer have to take Bentley’s word for it as the automaker is offering its customers the opportunity to find out for themselves. Whether you have a passion for speed...

  • Audi's A6 quattro plays in the snow.
    Audi Reinterprets Melville's Classic, 'Moby Dick'

    Audi's latest television spot is a retake on the classic work of American literature, "Moby Dick," with an Audi quattro playing the white whale to a tow truck driver named Ahab.

  • The Mercedes-Benz Winter Driving Experience
    Mercedes Wants To Teach You To Drive In Snow, Too: Video

    Mercedes-Benz offers multiple winter-driver-training programs, at facilities in Austria and in Lapland.

  • Lamborghini's Winter Academy

    Lamborghini has expanded its Winter Academy to include the 700-horsepower, V-12 powered Aventador.

  • 2012 Acura TSX
    2012 Porsche 911 Cabriolet, Speeding, 2012 Acura TSX: Car News Headlines

    We spy the 2012 Porsche 911 Cabriolet, and it looks like you would expect. Learn how to drive your Ferrari in the winter at Ferrari's new winter driving school. We personally love seeing a prancing horse in the snow. Don't fight a speeding ticket in Massachusetts, even if you're innocent. You'll...

  • 2012 Ferrari FF
    Ferrari Launches Winter Driving School

    Ferrari has introduced its first-ever winter driving school, the 2012 Winter Driving Experience.

  • 2012 Ferrari FF
    Ferrari Offers U.S. FF Customers Winter Driving Program In Aspen

    Ferrari's winter driving course for its new FF supercar will commence next January and last for up to seven weeks.

  • 2011 BMW X3 in the snow
    Video: BMW Shows Importance Of Using Correct Tires This Winter

    With the winter months now upon us it’s now more important than ever to ensure that your vehicle is properly equipped to handle the harsher climates. If you happen to live in areas where winter usually means driving in thick snow, not having winter tires may mean the difference between life...

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