Not to be out-done by the likes of Ferrari and Lamborghini, Mercedes wants you to know that they’ll tech you car control on snow and ice, too. In fact, the programs offered by Mercedes-Benz look to be far more comprehensive than those offered by most other automakers, and they’re available at multiple price points.

Mercedes’ least expensive program is simply called “Winter Training,” and the 1,495 euro ($2,003) class spans two days and two nights. Participants share a variety of Mercedes-Benz vehicles, including C-Class, E-Class, R-Class, S-Class, GLK-Class and M-Class products.

Opt for the next level of training (called the Winter Driving Experience) and the venue switches from Saalfelden, Austria to a location in Lapland roughly 100 miles below the Arctic Circle. Training stretches to 4 days and 3 nights, and the vehicles used include the C350 4Matic, the C350 CDI 4Matic and the C350 Coupe. The price jumps to 2,995 euros ($4,012), but that also includes airfare from major German cities.

If you simply can’t get enough of playing with cars in temperature of -40 Fahrenheit, Mercedes also offers the Winter Driving Experience Pro, which includes 5 days and 4 nights of frostbite-inducing hoonage, at the same facility and with the same cars, all for the relatively reasonable price of 3,395 euros ($4,548) including airfare from Germany.

We haven’t taken the Mercedes school, so we can’t comment on curriculum or value for the money. We’re sure it beats learning to drive in winter weather like we did, by spinning donuts in the parking lot of the local mall. Besides, how many times are you going to have a chance to visit Lapland in the middle of winter?


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