Herman Melville’s classic novel, Moby Dick, is about one man’s unhealthy obsession with an elusive white whale. Audi’s latest commercial, called simply “Ahab,” is about one man’s unhealthy obsession with an elusive white Audi, equipped with quattro all-wheel-drive.

Unlike Melville’s Captain Ahab, Ahab the tow truck driver wasn’t maimed by the mysterious, taunting white Audi. Instead, the modern Ahab is obsessed simply because he’s never hooked the Audi quattro, even in the worst of blizzards.

The minute-long television ad, which seems to question the validity of BMW’s “Ultimate Driving Machine” slogan, kicked off during last weekend’s NFL football playoffs and will run nationally in an abridged 30-second version.

The campaign will use more than just a television ad to draw attention to Audi’s quattro all-wheel-drive system. Targeting fans of winter sports, Audi will also utilize banner ads on weather and ski sites, and will emphasize video placement on enthusiast community sites as well.

There’s refreshed content on Audi’s “30+ Years of quattro” Facebook app, and the automaker will create a new, quattro-centric playlist on YouTube to remind you of the benefits of all-wheel-drive for winter conditions.

We’re not sure if the white Audi quattro represents fate in the same way that Melville’s white whale did, but we know this: when the snow is falling, a quattro-equipped Audi is our sport sedan of choice.