We've been tracking the above-average tendency of the Ferrari 458 Italia to burst into flame or smash into immovable objects since its debut, but finally Ferrari has stepped in to admit there's something wrong with the car. Turns out the flaw is relatively minor, though the results can be catastrophic.

Of course, there's nothing wrong with the Italia in terms of its ability as a supercar. If you doubt our sincerity, read our first drive review of the Italia from Pebble Beach. There's just that little matter of bursting into flame with no notice.

The culprit in the hot-under-the-fender act is an adhesive used to position a panel in the wheel arch assembly. Ferrari has devised a fix that involves riveting the panel into place, presumably eliminating the propensity for pyrotechnic performances.

So far Ferrari has delivered 1,248 vehicles around the world. The recall affects every single one, so if you've got an unburnt-Italia in your garage, get it to the nearest Prancing Horse stable for a fix. If yours is already toast, you've probably got a lawyer working on the solution by now.



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