Bugatti has stated that it plans to build a total run of just 150 examples of its Veyron Grand Sport supercar, officially, but the thing with Veyrons is that every special edition model is excluded from the official tally.

Not surprisingly, in a recent interview, the boss of Volkswagen’s premium brands, Wolfgang Durheimer, has revealed that a more powerful version of the Veyron Grand Sport is possible.

Speaking with Autovisie, Durheimer explained that the 1,200 horsepower engine from the Veyron Super Sport is not compatible with the Veyron Grand Sport’s open-top body though he suggested that more than the current 1,001 horsepower is possible.

One of the biggest problems with adding a more powerful engine to the Veyron Grand Sport is the difficulty in getting sufficient air flow to the engine when the roof is open.

Nevertheless, only 40 examples from the official 150 planned Veyron Grand Sports have been sold, Durheimer said, so it’s clear Bugatti is in no real hurry to launch more variants.

On a side note, Durheimer also revealed that one buyer from the Middle East bought a total of eight Veyrons, two for himself and six for his mates.

While most of us will never be able to afford a Veyron Grand Sport, or any Veyron for that matter, we can at least read what it would be like to own one in this first drive report.

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