Audi's four-wheeled shark, the 2012 R8 GT, gets some more detailed coverage and spends some time with former F1 driver and Le Mans-winning Audi endurance racer, Emmanuele Pirro, in this final pair of R8 GT Week videos. Along the way, we get some great shots of the R8 GT in action.

We also get a closer look at some of the work Audi put into the R8 to turn it into the R8 GT, including a 20-pound savings with the battery, a 17-pound savings through a lighter rear bumper, and another 17-pounds saved with lighter carpet, plus plenty of carbon fiber. Check 'em out, then hit up our Audi R8 GT preview for all of the details. Unfortunately, unless you're one of the 90 U.S. buyers already signed up for the $196,800 supercar, you're out of luck--they're all sold.