If you need a visual reminder of why it's not just unsafe but downright stupid to pass on the right, here you go, courtesy of some crazy guy in Russia driving a Nissant GT-R.

As you'll see in the videos, the problem starts a few hundred feet before the crash itself, as the GT-R driver passes a slower-moving car on the right, clipping a parked car in the process. Whether due to damage caused by that impact or sheer stupidity, the GT-R driver then fails to get back into the lane, slamming into a row of parked cars, tossing them in the air and completely destroying the front end of his budget supercar.

Lesson learned, hopefully, though it shouldn't take a near-death experience or the injuries very likely sustained in the crash, not to mention the cost of totalling several cars, to teach it. Don't pass on the right. Your supercar doesn't make you invincible.

[YouTube via Carscoop]