Woodward Dream Cruise logo

Woodward Dream Cruise logo

Detroit is dying, fading into a cheap reproduction of its one-time Motor City greatness. But that doesn't stop the city's sprawling suburbs from hosting one of the biggest, most impressive displays of cars anywhere: the Woodward Dream Cruise. This year, it's sponsored by Chevrolet.

Chevy's involvement won't change the fundamental nature of the event, which includes about 1.5 million attendees and a seemingly endless stream of historic, vintage, exotic, and otherwise envy-inducing cars. There will be a slate of special Chevys on display, however.

Some of the Bowtie's best will be on display, with a slice from past, present, and future: the Cruze, Camaro, Corvette, and Volt, among others; the Sonic and ZL1 Camaro from the "future" category; plus a special display of performance cars and powertrains at Memorial Park in Royal Oak.

Chevy is also calling out the Volt's involvement in the Dream Cruise, noting the presence of Volt owners in the 2011 event will be the first time that "a significant number" of "electrically driven" cars will take part. What, exactly, is a significant number, is not clear.

The Woodward Dream Cruise is free to attend, and takes place August 20th.