Last fall we brought you a preview of the coming KTM X-Bow R, and, finally, it's launched. What does that mean? It means 300 horsepower from a Audi-sourced 2.0-liter TFSI powerplant packed into a lighter, sharper version of the already light and sharp X-Bow chassis.

Unfortunately, in the U.S., the X-Bow is only sold as a special construction vehicle, meaning without its engine and transaxle. So you'll have to source your own if you want the full R experience on the road--and you'll have to sort your own state's licensing regulations. In fact, it's not even clear that the X-Bow R chassis will be offered to Americans.

Nevertheless, we can envy the car's setup: a new torque arm has been designed to handle the engine's extra grunt; the whole powertrain has been lowered 19 mm to preserve the center of gravity; and a range of special equipment has been fitted, including a mechanical limited-slip differential, individually adjustable pedals, removable/adjustable steering wheel, adjustable suspension, keyless "go system," four-point harness, and special "R" design paint.

KTM says all of this adds up to cornering capabilities of up to 1.5 g, and combined with 300 horsepower in its lightweight form, we're sure it's a scream to unleash on track. If you're lucky enough to be in Europe--or have the means to sneak one into the U.S., you can do that now from 58,795 euros.


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