We already know what it will look like, as well as most of its specs, but Ford is likely to have a few surprises up its sleeve when it unveils the sporty 2012 Ford Focus ST at the 2011 Frankfurt Auto Show on September 13.

As we’re sure you are aware, the design of the latest Focus has been a truly global effort, with engineering taking place in Europe, the U.S. and even as far as Australia.

As for the Focus ST, Ford’s Team RS and SVT performance engineering divisions have come together and are putting prototypes through a punishing testing regime to hone performance and driving dynamics.

Currently, the team is using some of the most demanding roads in Europe and North America to validate and fine tune the performance and driving dynamics. However, as we'll see in this teaser video, Ford has a special test track that it uses to test a vehicle in several different conditions at once.

The videos show Jost Capito, Ford's global performance chief, driving one of the Focus ST prototypes. Hit play now and see what he has to say.

After the videos, click here for own exclusive spy video of a prototype for the upcoming 2012 Ford Focus ST.