Apple's iPad 2 has only been around for a week or two but already audio installers SoundMan Car Audio has completed their first installation of the tablet PC in a vehicle.

The vehicle chosen was a Ford F-150, which has a convenient large center stack just the right size for an iPad 2. The installation sits in place of the standard stereo system and essentially lets you do anything you could always do with an iPad, such as storing music, video and TV, browsing the internet, making FaceTime video calls or used as a large satellite navigation system.

The app opportunities are endless too, and SoundMan's install also has a few more tricks up its sleeve. A little switch allows you to output video to screens in the back of the car so your passengers can enjoy the system while you're driving and voice control should let you access certain features while you're on the move... if it understands you, that is.

Check out the video below to see how they did it:

One thing is for certain, iPhone and iPad installations are hot business right now. They're becoming a common fitment in auto show concepts to control all the car's minor functions, so having one installed in your car today is a surefire way to take your in-car tech to the next level.

[SoundMan Car Audio via engadget]