Shedding its funky, lego-man exterior for a sleeker, Touring Superleggera-designed skin, Gumpert has moved past the Apollo and on to the Tornante. It's an upgrade, and it goes deeper than the surface.

About 220 pounds lighter than the Apollo thanks in part of a carbon monocoque and composite body panels, but with 25 percent more interior space and luggage room, the Tornante is the Gumpert for those that don't want to sacrifice performance too much, but would rather not live with a street-legal race car. Total weight of the Tornante checks in between 2,870 and 3,090 pounds, depending on the equipment specified.

Based on a modified spaceframe design, the door entry is lowered by 80 mm, making it easier to get in and out, a feat aided by the wider 1,120 mm gullwing doors. The B-pillar has been moved back by 100 mm, improving side visibility, and the overall height has increased to offer more cabin space.

Other comfort upgrades include standard paddle shifters, double-layer glass for better heat and noise insulation, more sound and heat insulation on the floor and between the engine compartment and cabin, fully-adjustable seats with four-point harnesses, a 20 mm-higher floor, and improved HVAC system.

Power for the Tornante comes from the same Audi-derived twin-turbo V-8 engine used in the Apollo, but tuned for a bit more civility than outright motive force. Cranking out 700 horsepower in its basic trim, it's no slouch, but it should prove less frenetic. Torque is rated at 663 pound-feet at 4,000 rpm, meaning it should have incredible mid-range pull as well. Another "alternative" powerplant for the Tornante will be announced in 2012.

The transmission drives the rear wheels with 40-millisecond gear changes, thanks to the TT40e sequential shift transmission. Suspension is handled by double wishbones at all four corners, with the springs and dampers on a transverse pushrod system. Grip should be tremendous, with Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires in 265/35/19 dimensions up front and 345/30/20 out back, on 10-inch wide front wheels and 13-inch wide rears.

As for performance, Gumpert and Touring haven't released the full specs as yet, but top speed is estimated at over 186 mph.