Zagato TZ4 teased on Christmas card

Zagato TZ4 teased on Christmas card

If the Zagato name doesn’t ring a bell, it is one of the legendary Italian design houses and was responsible for the styling of such great cars as the Alfa Romeo 2300 8C and the more recent Perana Z-One and Alfa Romeo TZ3.

The important thing to note is that Zagato’s cars are not purely design exercises. Following Zagato's gentlemen-driver heritage, they are usually commissioned by wealthy individuals with a penchant for classic styling and the ultimate in quality craftsmanship.

It appears that Zagato is now planning a new model, a successor to the TZ3, which has been previewed here on a Christmas card sent out by the design house. Wrapped up in a ribbon, the new model should follow the naming practice of Zagato’s previous models and will likely be called the TZ4.

No other details have been revealed but since the TZ cars share much in common with Alfa Romeos, expect it to borrow the 8C’s rear-wheel drive chassis and 4.7-liter V-8 engine.

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