We first heard about Keating and its ambitious plans to build a world-beating supercar almost three years ago and since then we’ve seen the company roll out a couple of vehicles including the SKR and TKR models, low-slung supercars powered by force-fed GM V-8s and looking like Saleen S7 knock-off kits.

Keating claims that its cars are available for purchase and offer power outputs as high as 2,000 horsepower and top speeds around the 260 mph mark. Off course, none of these claims have been independently verified as yet.

Now, there’s news that a third model, the new ZKR, boasting as much as 2,200 horsepower is set to be launched and will be making its world debut at the Top Marques Monaco 2011 next April.

During the past couple of years, Keating has apparently been able to improve on its design, refining its monocoque chassis in order to reduce the center of gravity, as well as installing dual fuel tanks integrated into the chassis to improve its strength and weight distribution.

Keating is keen to point out that all of its supercars are built specifically to customer order and no matter what a customer’s personal preferences may be, they can be met.

The Top Marques Monaco 2011 kicks off on April 14.