Axell Auto may not be as well recognized as the other big Japanese tuners, mostly because up until now the company has focused on modifying vans, but at next month’s 2011 Tokyo Auto Salon the guys at Axell Auto will have something a little bit special on show.

Pictured here in these official teaser sketches is a new wide-body Nissan GT-R that Axell Auto is developing.

Easily one of the most extreme custom bodykits we’ve seen for the Nissan supercar in a while, Axell Auto’s kit consists of a new set of bumpers with LED accents, pumped fenders and sporty side sills. To finish off the look, there’s a custom rear wing and a vented bonnet.

Axell Auto wide-body Nissan GT-R sketch

Axell Auto wide-body Nissan GT-R sketch

The 2011 Tokyo Auto Salon kicks off on January 14 so stay tuned for an update in just a few weeks. In the meantime, click here to read up on Nissan’s brand new GT-R RC (Racing Competition) that will also be making its world debut at the upcoming Tokyo event.

The new race car was specially developed by Nismo for circuit driving and features slick tire-compatible suspension, lightweight components and special safety equipment and devices.

[Axell Auto via Jon Sibal]