The Chrysler 200, as re-worked as it is, still looks a lot like a Sebring to us. It's better--far better--than its predecessor, but we're still not sold on the transmogrification. The sportier  Chrysler 200S, however, may just be the upgrade we're looking for.

It won't be a world-beater, but it'll be a much improved car, perhaps even ahead of some of its American rivals, if the list of improvements bear out in real-world tests. The planned upgrades? Better suspension setup, grippier tires, new wheel choices, and a host of appearance options inside and out--all the better to erase as many remaining traces of Sebring as possible.

So far, the news is tenuous at best, but given the surprisingly different-looking car rolled across the stage at the 2010 L.A. Auto Show compared to what was shown on the floor, it may already be a done deal, simply awaiting official unveiling.

An official announcement could come as soon as the Detroit Auto Show, though with a mid-2011 launch date, Chrysler may wait until New York to pull back the curtain.