• Is this the Chrysler 200S? Image via Allpar.com

    The Chrysler 200, as re-worked as it is, still looks a lot like a Sebring to us. It's better--far better--than its predecessor, but we're still not sold on the transmogrification. The sportier Chrysler 200S, however, may just be the upgrade we're looking for. It won't be a world-beater, but it'll be a much improved car, perhaps even ahead of some of its American rivals, if the list of improvements bear out in real-world tests. The planned upgrades? Better suspension setup, grippier tires, new wheel choices, and a host of appearance options inside and out--all the better to erase as many...

  • 2011 Chrysler 200
    Video: Chrysler 200 Talks Trash On Chevy Malibu, Ford Fusion

    We love it when carmakers have the guts to put their products up against the competition in actual tested and measured comparisons. Unfortunately, that's a rare event, and that's not what we have here. Instead, Chrysler employs a host of yes-men (and women) to talk up the new 2011 200 while talking...

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