Bugatti Veyron configurator

Bugatti Veyron configurator

Bugatti’s production run of 300 Veyrons is quickly approaching its finale so you’d better get your order in real quick or you may miss out. All jokes aside, production of the Veyron is almost at its end but to keep things interesting--for both fans and serious buyers alike--Bugatti has launched a new online configurator for its over-the-top supercar.

The configurator lets you modify most of the Veyron’s details, including everything from color combinations and grille designs to wheel patterns and seat belt coloring. At the end, once you’ve arrived at your ideal Veyron combination, you can even print out a PDF to take to your nearest Bugatti dealer.

The configurator is available for the standard Veyron and open top Grand Sport model so be prepared for hours of fun (or wasted time). The world beating Super Sport is only available in a limited range of colors and is likely to be already sold out.

To start configurating your perfect Veyron head over to Bugatti’s website by clicking here.