Tony Stewart in Goody's vs. BC commercial

Tony Stewart in Goody's vs. BC commercial

Sometimes, we get press releases that make us die a little inside.

We'll receive an email about new air-fresheners or nutria-trimmed seat covers or those seriously creepy car lashes, and it'll make us super-sad -- not because of the products themselves, but because some poor PR newbie, fresh out of  business school, is having to shill that crap like it's the most awesome stuff since Ovaltine. That's not what she set out to do with her life, not part of the plan she laid out on the back of a bevnap in the Rathskeller that Wednesday night during fall finals her junior year. She was going to go places, dammit! And now, she's trying to put on a happy face and convince the world that installing a Landau roof will make your car look like a real limo.

Crushed dreams are depressing.

We received one of those emails just yesterday from a very friendly PR person stuck with the unpleasant job of hyping the latest Richard Petty/Trace Adkins video for Goody's and BC powder. We admit, some of the campaign's clips are kind of funny -- especially to those of us who grew up in the South and were constantly asked to "fetch me one of them headache powders and a glass of sweet tea, would ya, sugar?" But this one, featuring Petty on keyboards in a recording studio, makes us cringe. Even Hee-Haw knew that there's such a thing as "too hokey".

Now is it just us, or do they look really uncomfortable? Right.

Anyway, we're not entirely sure why the PR flack was shilling that particular clip, since it's over a month old. She should've been hyping the new one featuring Tony Stewart. It's equally terrible -- not because it's corny, but because all the guy gets to do is read a list off a wall, when clearly he has a modicum of acting talent up his sleeve:

We're not casting directors, but we think Mr. Stewart may have a future on camera. Vin Diesel, you've been warned.