Naked German man climbs in (or out) of a trunk

Naked German man climbs in (or out) of a trunk

Today's Web weirdness comes to us courtesy of Google Street View and its omnipresent vans. A German man was captured on the streets of Mannheim climbing naked into the trunk of what may or may not be his vehicle as a completely unconcerned dog lounges on the driveway.

The image has since been removed from Google's Street View feature, but that doesn't mean the fun is over. What are the scenarios that could explain this action? Let us speculate.

Perhaps he's a perfectionist cleaning his car, and didn't want to transfer any fibers from his clothing to the trunk. Or maybe he's not climbing into the trunk, but out of it--an escaping hostage freed by the ubiquitous, often hilariously illustrated "pull this to open trunk if you're a hostage" lever. Or maybe he's just a weird German dude that enjoys spending quality time with his spare tire.

We'll probably never know.

[Google Street View via Mirror News]