The Hyundai Veloster will be coming to the 2011 Detroit Auto Show next week, as we were told last month by officials at Hyundai's Technical Center in Detroit. The latest teaser gives us the first official look at the car's third passenger door ahead of its global unveiling.

Previous photos were still clad in camouflage much like the cars we've previously spied in testing. The weirdest of the Veloster's new features? A 2+1 door layout, with a regular long coupe-style door on the driver's side of the car, and a two-door, convetional-hinge layout on the passenger side.

Unlike the MINI Clubman, which features a reverse-opening secondary door on one side, the safety issues of having such a door opening into traffic (as it would in the U.S.) will be no greater than with any four-door car.

Beyond the funky rear-seat-access door layout, the Veloster will also get seven-inch touchscreen display with external A/V inputs, iTunes-compatible music folder organization, and a number of styling cues carried over from the concept car. Our previous spy shots (in the gallery above) reveal the Veloster won't be a doppelganger for the radical 2007 show car, however.

In case you've forgotten, the Veloster is based on Hyundai's long-running concept, due to reach production, according to previous reports, as a 1.6-liter four-cylinder hatch/coupe rated around 140 horsepower and 40 mpg. Rumors of an upgraded model with a dual-clutch transmission and 200 horsepower have also circulated.