By now you've read all about our experiences on the Fireball Run from the participant perspective. But there's another side to the Fireball Run that's more important: the mission to help find missing kids. Today's stop in Dodge City may have even led directly to the location of one of the children we Fireballers are trying to help find.

Spearheaded by the efforts of the Klaas Kids Foundation and Mark Klaas himself as a participant in the Fireball Run, the search for missing kids is a real and central part of the event. In every town we go to, we stop and pass out flyers to the locals and post them around at area businesses. Just getting the faces of the kids and their abductors out in front of people could be enough to spark a recognition that leads to a recovery.

That very situation may have happened tonight, as Mark Klass announced the Fireball reception that one of the locals recognized the face of the abductor on one of the teams' flyers. The Dodge City, Kansas police were called in and the matter is being investigated overnight. Hopefully it will lead to the child being recovered and returned to the parents.

Team High Gear Media has distributed hundreds of flyers for Jade Flores, the missing girl we're trying to help find. We've even connected with Jade's family via TheCarConnection's Facebook fan page. Jade's family has a Facebook page dedicated to helping find her as well. With luck we'll get enough images of Jade and her abductor out there that someone will come across it, connect the dots, and call the number to help find her like the child that may have been found in Dodge City tonight. Maybe one of you have seen her or her abductor. Check the links above to see photos and find out more about Jade's abduction.

Reuniting kids with their families--that is the real heart of the Klaas Kids Foundation and the goal of each of the competitors on the Fireball Run.


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