You've seen the teasers for Lamborghini's upcoming Paris concept car and read the manifesto, but as yet it's not clear if it's the Murcielago-replacing Jota or an unannounced pure concept car. Today, a report puts a new spin on what's coming to Paris.

The two cars, code-named LB715-5 and 83X, will be on display at Paris but will get an early preview for dealers next week. Digging into the names of the cars, we can derive a little about what they might be.

2010 Paris Auto Show Lamborghini Concept second teaser

2010 Paris Auto Show Lamborghini Concept second teaser

The LB715-5 appears to follow Lamborghini's usual naming convention, though it does so with numbers that aren't at all intuitive. The LP670-4 SV, for example, indicates a 670-horsepower, all-wheel drive car. Does LB715-5 therefore mean a 715-horsepower car with five-wheel drive? Almost certainly not. But it might indicate a 715-horsepower, all-wheel drive car--with a hybrid system, adding a one to what would otherwise be -4. This is the car that's expected as the Jota. Power could be as high as 825 horsepower, however, according to 0-60 Magazine.

As for the 83X, it's clear that this is a name reserved for a concept--and experimental car. This is not likely to directly preview any production vehicle, but rather be a testbed for new technology. Expect radical design, some aggressive moves on powertrain, and a burning desire to see it actually built.

We'll keep you posted as the Paris show draws nearer, but whatever comes, we'll be in Paris with cameras at the ready.

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