Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston

Brad Pitt? Gone.

John Mayer? Man-ho.

Gerard Butler? Still on the hunt. Apparently, he likes 'em mad, bad, and unavailable for 90 days.

And so, Jennifer Aniston is without a traveling companion. Again.

But soft, what dude through yonder valet stand breaks? It is a Mystery Man, and Jennifer has a headache! (Which may explain why she keeps losing traveling companions, but that's another post.)

Actually, it's not a Mystery Man, it's actor Christopher Gartin, star of such popular fare as The New Adventures of Old Christine and Jane Doe: The Harder They Fall. Which is to say, Jen and Chris have a lot in common, but at least he's working.

Also, he's driving what appears to be an Audi  A8 L. Given the high-pro, compensation-mobiles that Jen's previous hookups drove, this seems like a nice change of pace. We hope she went straight home and took an aspirin. Or two.